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Hi all, I’ve had my shapeoko 3 XXL since last November and it has worked great so far. This is my first post on here but I imagine it won’t be the last haha. A friend recently asked if my CNC could cut out some shapes for yard signs, so he gave me some core sign foam, the empty cell foam stuff, to try it out on. I was wondering if there is a way to cut this foam more efficiently than what I am currently doing, as whenever I cut it with an upcut bit. I’m doing an outside path with 18k RPM, and the default step over for the bit, and the process takes 7 minutes with a finishing pass for one cut out. This is a new material for me, and I was never that good at using feeds and speeds, so any advice would be helpful. I have the BitSetter and the probing tool as well as a metal corner guide and have some issues when it comes to zeroing like material being too thin. Otherwise, it works great for the normal stuff.

I have never cut any but i would say 1 pass at a fast rate with an upcut bit. That is if you have a good way to hold it.

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Some notes on this at:

or use a drag knife:

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Thanks will! I see you a lot around the forums. Are you familiar with using a drag knife? That post looks to give good details, but just in case I miss something I’d like to know where I could find more information.

Further notes at:

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