Lightburn lineup

I need to line up my workspace and Lightburn to my table on my Sheapoko five Pro. I seem to be having trouble with this if anybody knows how to do it I would appreciate the answer. If you look at the picture that I posted you’ll notice that’s as far to the left and far to the front I can go.

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I believe that’s a setting in Lightburn itself for machine setup?

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Set your machine working size in device settings. Mine is a standard sized SO3

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I’ve seen this about 5 times. No answer in this

Did that did not work.

As Far as the work size is concerned I tried the size of my laser bed that I bought and the size of my machine and putting a frame around the laser bed neither work. I’m baffled.

Update: so i changed the size of my work area to 410 900 in the vertical position. The machine orients it to the back of the table. which is where i don’t want it. I tried using the offsets in lightburn but that did nothing. at least i got the full work area of my laser bed which did i not have before. I just wish i could get it to the front in a horizontal position. That is my dilemma for now. Thanks everyone for your input.

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Laurent, hop on over to the LightBurn forum. Many very active users and the responsive developers are there. Probably, the issue you are having has been resolved many times.

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I’ve watched this video many times and it was helpful one thing on it didn’t pertain to my machine $31=1000 on my machine because of the higher power not $31=255. Also like to mention because of my homing problem, I’ve had to reset my machine inside my control box twice as I couldn’t get it to do anything either with Lightbourn or Carbide create.

I would not recommend the jtech 44 watt laser as it causes to many problems because it mounts on the right side. You can get it to work but there is a price to pay. Lots of frustration it’s not worth it. I would get the 25 watt as it mounts on the left thus it won’t get caught up in the homing of the machine. Every time the machine homes you have to hit the emergency stop thus wiping all your settings

Have you given JTech support a call?

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Good shout. Jay is excellent and his customer service is top notch.

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