Lightburn workspace

I’m not sure what to do. Everything was working fine but after update the machine no longer knows where it is. I checked workspace size made sure there was no offset even. If I hit home it knows the exact location of home but if I click far right side of workspace my 3xxl goes to the middle as if everything is shifted to the left. And i dont see a single thing out of wack even Uninstaller and reinstalled. I connect to carbide create send config and initialize machine i have 0 issues.

You might be having the same problem as @Corvus0369 ran into today, and I might have had the same issue when I set up my laser a few weeks ago. The fix for me was to add a couple of lines to the “Use CNC” and “Use Laser” macros in LightBurn, if it is the same problem. The details for my changes are here.


Can you post your $$ grbl settings?


It was definitely my error I was accustom to punching in the grbl myself without macros I must have typed them in forgot then hit use laser again which threw everything out of wack.

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