Lighted marquee sign

(Gaurav Patel) #1

Here’s one of the first projects I have made with my new Shapeoko.

It started with an old string of Halloween lights in which half the string weren’t working. Then I saw some marquee signs somewhere on the Internet. Then I happened to have some random wood pieces from Ikea furniture. Got a new Shapeoko in December and now I have a project.

Few things I learned along the way.

  • For the holes for the lights, it’s a lot easier to make a series of holes in a piece of scrap and test fit them instead of trying to accurately measure the diameter of a light.
  • Double sided tape is good, but not for a big piece like this.
  • Need to use more tabs, because small pieces tend to fly off and mess up the machine.
  • If the Depth Per Pass is set to 0.1 and cutting depth = 0.301, that final pass is kind a waste of time

(Stephen Gullage) #2

I love this and fully intend to steal the idea someday