Limit switch error, manual spindle reset not working

I’ve never been able to run a project on it and after a month of talking to support they stopped emailing back. I’m hoping people here can help before I try to send it back.

This is a brand new nomad running the latest versions of carbide motion and carbide create. It will home and test tool length correctly but as soon as it starts to run the job it shoots to the lower right corner where the tool length tester is and immediately hit the limit switch.

The “wrench” tutorial G-Code, a 10mm test circle test code, and any code created in carbide create or mech cam all fail in the same way. Turning off the power and manually reset the spindle position to center, top left, bottom left, top right, or random positions has no effect. As soon as I run any project it hits the limit switch on the lower right corner.

I’ve updated, uninstalled and reinstalled both carbide motion and carbide create without any change. I’ve checked the connections in the back which are fine and run the same G-Code on other machines with out error.

Your ticket is still open and assigned to another tech support person.

Please describe step-by-step what happens when you do the wrench tutorial. At each step note:

  • what you did
  • what you expected
  • what actually happened

I’m pretty sure you’re missing some aspect of setting zero relative to the stock, but it might be that your Nomad is mis-configured — if so, we’ll sort this out.

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