Limit Switch Error when starting job

I sent this to support but thought I’d post here as well in case there are other thoughts or it helps someone else.

I’m trying to cut my first job on my new-ish Nomad and I keep getting a limit switch error (see attached). It’s just a polycarbonate rectangle cut out of a .375” thick 2”x6” piece. I’ve tried multiple times to run this job and this happens when the table first moves to it’s starting point. I attached my g-code and dxf file…any thoughts on where this error could be coming from? I really want to get this machine working, so I appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks. (25.9 KB)
ETF-JIG-003-A_noholes.dxf (63.6 KB)

I think this happens when one of your axes is at the end of it’s travel. The machine doesn’t like to start running in that condition.

Turn off the power, and you should be able to push the various axes to move them off the limit switch. Then power up and try to run again.


Does the machine home properly?

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