Limit switch issue

Not sure how to fix this, Im

pretty sure my wiring is right, but when Carbide Motion is doing the homing cycle, my up/down is fine, but going to the right, there’s a piece of the x/y assembly that makes contact with the y plate before the switch is fully depressed, makes a horrible noise and errors out. Any ideas how a noob can fix this?

First see if loosening the hardware and pulling it into a better alignment works. If not, check that you don’t have the X and Y axis homing switch plates mixed up. Or that the X-axis plate isn’t reversed.

The photos at: may help make this clearer


Yup, got it figured out, had to loosen and retighten a few screws, all good now.

Unfortunately I then found out my router wouldn’t handle small enough bits for detail work so I had to send off for some collet reducers.

Now I’m trying to find some single pass fonts that don’t chip out the middle of the capital a’s and r’s :grin:

I’m enjoying myself immensely with all this stuff :grin:

I appreciate the help!

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That’s great to hear!

Inkscape supports single path fonts:

There is also Stickfont 1.1 at:

The commercial company has some fonts which give the appearance of one line:

There’s further discussion at:

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