Limit switch triggered without being at actual limits?

Hi everyone,

I have gone through the first 2 tutorials of the Nomads (wrench and faceplate) - both went great (my wrench came off by accident as I didn’t apply enough tape)! Everyone in our group was amazed by the smooth finish on the faceplate.

So, I decided to try out Nomad with Delrin using a sample plate (roughly 50mm x 50mm x 4mm). I used Meshcam to generate the cutting path and things seem to be going ok e.g. machine cuts and hums along. But it will suddenly stop about 75% through the job and complain that a limit switch was hit. Initially, I chalked this up to me not positioning the Delrin stock correctly so I centered the stock right in the middle but it also stopped on the 2nd try as well.

This has me a bit stumped as I don’t think it is physically close to any of limits. I have attached the MCF file here for anyone interested in loading it up to take a look - perhaps I am getting the NC file with wrong parameters?

In any case - our group is super excited about the Nomad - waiting to try cutting aluminum next on it.

Thanks,sample-plate.mcf (187.1 KB)

Hey everyone - just a funny FYI - it looks like I figured why limit switches were being falsely triggered. In my goal to keep the debris clear, I was periodically opening the lid and sticking our shopvac inside to remove the debris. Once I kept the job closed and running, the problem disappeared!

So much for being tidy :slight_smile: