Limit Switches Broken

Good afternoon community,

This is my first request for help and it comes at a time where I need to crest close to 300 pieces in the next 4-6 weeks.

This morning I realized that my x-limit switch had broken the “tip” off and it would not all my XXL to home. I became creative and used a small piece of #2 pencil lead to serve as a temp fix to get my machine homed for the day so I could begin cutting. Well, now it seems that “fix” isn’t working any longer.

I’ve tried homing the machine with the switch pressed and depressed but same results, the machine homes back but the router never moves along the x axis to the back right as normal.

Are there replacement switches available? I don’t know what to do now! Any help would be appreciated

The community has notes on parts at:

You should be able to wire in pretty much any sort of switch if you have a soldering iron and/or crimping tools.

If you haven’t contact us at and we’ll do our best to help.

Get with carbide 3 d. They have them I Hd to get one for my machine. When I received it one was broken.

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If you need to get going without the switch, use a different sender and just unlock ($X) after you switch the machine on. You’ll want to disable soft limits and be aware of your work zero. You’ll lose the ability to return to the exact same spot too.
But make sure you replace the switch.

Several people have recommended using proximity switches as a better alternative and they have no little button to break. I have not switched but they are apparently just a straight replacement for the existing switches.

Have you seen where they have them for purchase?

Can you dumb that down for me just a bit? I’m very novice at this. Been cutting a lot of items but they are all in same format.

Check this thread Limit switches are limiting accuracy but I also saw someone suggesting checking E-bay for the Tl-w5mc1 switch that would be another alternative.

When you start the machine, because force homing is set, the machine must home before you can use it. Is in an alarm state until you home. You can bypass that by sending the Grbl unlock command ($X). I don’t use Carbide Motion, but I don’t think it will let you do that. You’ll have to use something different.
When you unlock the machine on startup, wherever it is will be MACHINE zero. Just jog to where you want work zero to be, set it and carve as normal. Or better, move it to where you want work zero to be before you power on to save time. Just remember to set your work zero every time to power cycle.
This is how it was done before everyone had homing switches.
Keep asking as you have more questions.

Received my limit switch from Carbide (without placing an order due to their superior customer support). Installed and now good as new!!!


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