Limited material selection available?

One week old owner of a Nomad3. But today CarbideCreate only lets me choose from Any, Aluminum, Hard plastic, Hardwood, Soft plastic or Soft wood, Yesterday the list was much longer and contained for instance MDF. What has happened?


MDF was a material selection in an older version of Carbide Create — in the current version just use Softwood.

I am on CC 764 and checked and you are correct, no MDF. I suppose you could use softwood. When viewing the tools you can filter out machines you dont have to simplify your view. I checked that that was not the problem. You can choose Nomad 3 or Nomad Pro but there is no mdf in either one of them.

Hopefully someone from C3D will pipe in and give you an official answer.

MDF is just sawdust and glue so technically it is a softwood. I would suppose they are streamlining the F&S selections but not sure.

I have only installed one version -the latest. Yesterday I had many more material choices, but not today.

That’s my version. No other versions installed, only thing I did since yesterday was installing Alibre and MeshCAM.
Softwood should be fine, but I’m just surprised all the materials were gone without me doing anything.

If you didn’t change the program by install another then the list didn’t change. The programs do not update dynamically; all materials are built in.

MeshCAM and Create have different lists, so it’s possible you saw MDF in MeshCAM but it’s not in Create.


Ah, now I realize what I did. I actually selected the material for simulation the other day (where MDF do exist), not in the job setup. So thanks for the feedback, I’ll chalk this one up on the newbie mistake list.


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