Limited switch error right after i hit the run button, why?

hello all,

i am trying to run my first project using the Carbide Create software. everything always sets good.

i set the machine zero point and the machine looks to always be working right. i load the project and push run the machine start to move and when i hit the arrow (play button) to start i get the “limited switch error” every time.

i followed the manual steps people advised about centering the machine and all but nothing changes.

my frustration has gotten the best of me at this point. can anyone help me out or have a possible solution.

thanks for the help.

Please post a step-by-step description, and for each step state:

  • what you did
  • what you expected to happen
  • what actually happened

Have you tried one of the other walkthroughs yet? Hello World, Your First Job, &c.?

i have check other walk through after my issue but i am doing a quick scan of them. i have a similar machine that is about 12 year old for cutting PCB’s and i understand simple processing but this is blowing my mind lol.

attached is a small run down of my step.

i just figured out my mistake and it was a simple one. i over looked zeroing the Z axis. haha. wow.

thanks all for looking into this.

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