Linear Z - CNC4NEWBIES - Anyone using?

Wondering if anyone has installed a linear Z from CNC4NEWBIES on eBay? Several XCarve users on the Inventables forum are using them and are giving good reviews.

If I go down this path it looks like CNC4NEWBIES will drill and tap it per specs provided, so it could come ready to bolt on. Does anyone have technical drawings of the rear Z plate?

Also, any drawings for the end plates? I’m looking at a lift of a couple inches for the rails, especially if I have go to a 7" linear Z.

While the launch/Sparkfun SO3 is opensource, the XL and XXL, and post Summer-2016 versions have not had their plans published — that said, mostly it’s just a matter of extending the files at:


Not aware of any published endplate drawings, but it should be easy enough to take the drawing from: and take measurements of a plate to get something workable.