Link Redirects need updating?

It seems like any link with the old URL of “” or “” just take you to “” and whatever else the URL contained, but it’s just the shapeoko page on carbide 3d…

Am I missing something?

There was a forum and a wiki on the domain dating back to shortly after the project’s founding — for a long while these were managed and hosted by a community member, but when he moved, the sites were taken down.

The content is still available on the Wayback Machine, and some of it has been put up on the /r/shapeoko subreddit wiki pages, but it has all be superseded by our current documentation and the various community efforts such as:

If there’s something specific you want to know we can look it up if need be.

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Thank you for the info! That link is fantastic!

The thanks all go to @Julien the author.

That said, I did wind up using the same platform for a bit on Carbide Create, please see:


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Amazing! Bookmarked. And much thanks to you, as well.

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