Linoleum Stamp: Better Settings?

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I’ve been using a Nomad 883 for about a week now. All previous jobs were completed using Carbide Create and Carbide Motion. But for this one, I used MeshCAM and manipulated a .png image to be my 76mm by 50mm stamp. The default settings for the toolpath were .01mm stepover, 127mm feedrate and plunge rate. It was so slow!!! The end product is nice. But does anyone have better settings for linoleum? I saw someone use 1.0mm step over for rubber. I’m thinking of upping the speed (rpm) and the rate.

Found this! Wish it indicated units… guessing SAE, will try another stamp.

The double curly quotes are standing in for double primes which indicate inches. See:

For those who are curious, the image in question came from: or

There’s also some discussion at:

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Got it. Thanks. What does DOC stand for?

DOC == Depth of Cut

We have a glossary which may be helpful:

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