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I am currently running my SO3 on a window 10 based laptop, using CC & CM and things seem to be working fine. However I am not a great fan of Windows as an OS and prefer to use LinuxMint although I am by no means a Linux guru/nerd.

I have Inkscape which is great as it works in both Windows and Linux. Further down the track I will be using Vectic Vcarve Desktop (which is obviously going to mean Windows will still be in my life.

What are other Linux users doing for CAD/CAM?

I have a couple of spare laptops and would like to set one up with Linux and try it as an alternative


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Fusion360 is really popular for CAD/CAM but it’s in the same Window/Mac vein as you mentioned.

In regards to the Gcode sender, CNCjs is a linux offering which you can use on a spare laptop as a dedicated SO3 computer. It has a very feature-ful interface and performs well.


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Pretty much all the Linux stuff is listed at:


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