Listen people this SO3 she can take it! Pushing her today and she liked it (film references galore)

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So first off i would say that i am no @Vince.Fab he is to SO3 what Skywalker is to Starwars! lol - however i am no begginer, But i have always been on the side of (hang on Jon that looks a bit fast lets knock that F&S down) then i wipe my brow and say wow that was close!! - well people not anymore.

Today i was like “YOU WILL BEND TO ME SO3” so armed with 3.17mm end mills i decided to see what happens when this baby hits 88 miles an hour! (i bought a small pack of endmils spcifically to be able to go “oh well it broke no sweat i have 4 more”

I will fail to put into words what i did but these gifs will do it for me, so it was a bit like this: -

turn up



Then i did some Feeds and speeds - but this time i did it with courage!


it was time - safety first!


My SO3 was shouting lets do this baby followed by…


Then this happened …


the RPM was 20000 and my Feedrate was 3198 and we achieved fusion…


Oh man i feel like i have finally… level up

Love you SO3 / C3D and if you take nothing from this post people take this “if your nerves can take it SO3 will make it” :slight_smile:

Belive too people! lol



Ops @WillAdams sorry this was posted in wrong thread meant to be in shapoko not software :worried: sorry

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Read this far and … where is the beef (video) @Sherpa … seeing O Great One is Believing …


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


Someone was locked down just a wee bit too long. :smiley:


the RPM was 20000 and my Feedrate was 3198 and we achieved fusion…

What material? What bit? what cut depth? Is that 3198 mm per second?

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Material 3.6mm ply tight pack (hardly any layers if that makes sense) doc 1mm indeed 3198 mm per second, endmill 3.17mm upcut endmill (aledgidly carbide) cheap pack from fleebay so could be anything to be honest but heat and cut was, well way better than expected. I have another post to come with what my son made by using this f&s.


I don’t have a shapeoko (yet) still doing research. I’m used to larger, beefier machines. That said …

Your feed doesn’t seem to be speedy lightning fast to me. Unless grandpa in his rascal scooter is considered fast. My calculations say that at 20,000 RPM you should be looking at 200-280 Inches per second (5080mm - 7112mm) at a depth equal to the bit diameter. That’s assuming it’s a 2 flute bit, similar to a 1/8" Onsrud 50-200 series.

On a ShopBot cutting that plywood I’d go at 14,000 RPM at about 150ipm or so, with a Kyocera 1/8" 2 flute bit. Probably a downcut. If you want good, cheap, carbide 1/8" bits lookup drillman1 on eBay. His Kyocera bits kick ass!

I’m curious to see how fast you can push it. Be ballsy and try full bit depth at 120 inches per second.

Can someone out there give me a general idea of how fast I can expect to push through plywood at full bit depth on a shapeoko? If all I can reasonably expect is 60ips at a 1mm per pass, I might need to be looking elsewhere.

Adaptive clearing with a 1/4in bit you can get almost 2x bit depth and around 120ipm without much issue on plywood/hardwood at 18krpm. But, full bit width pocket/contour cuts are tough and I’ve not been able to get the machine to do more than 1.5mm depth at those speeds without chatter. I think that may be a limit of the stock router though.

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per second? Damn…

Oops. Per MINUTE.

I’m used to using ips, but everyone else seems to quote things in minutes.

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Now if one of the more technical folk here could figure up what kind of wattage it would take to run that, I am guessing low mega watts.
Probably get more frequent disconnects.

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