Little project - cut throat razor

I was bored one day at work, and my mind got thinking.

Wouldn’t it be cool to make a cutthroat razor. Now I don’t have the ability to make the blade in my workshop as I have few metal working tools and no easy way to grind it. Perhaps I could do a refurbishment project.

I went on Ebay and bought 5 old razors all in need of some TLC for £15.

Working on the worst to start with

The razor is rusted and broken. I begun by stripping the blade and acid bathing it. The sanding by hand with 240 grit all the way to 1000 and whilst it got rid of the rust, I couldn’t go deep enough to remove the pitting so I considered my other options and that led me to VHT paint, commonly used on engines and exhausts.

I then sharpened the blade and begun working the handle. I dug out a nice off cut from another project and knocked up a design in fusion 360. I accidentally put the 2 models too close so had to run an additional 1/8 mill pass.

I worked at 1500mm per min, with a 2mm DOC and a 1/4 bit to plane the wood. Then swapped to a 1/8 flat at 700mm a min to cut out the parts, with a final 1/8 ball bit at 1500mm a min and 0.3mm step over to finish the wood off.

A light sand and stain and here is my first proto type. I need some pins and some sheet metal to take it further, but I’m suitably happy.

I already own and use a dovo cut throat so am unlikely to use this one, but I thought it could be cool to have as a framed project. I also have another 4 to work on. I did try it on my arm and now I have a very hairless arm…