Livestream #16 - Two-Sided Machininng Example

Hey all, I went through suggestions I got for simple things to machine on a livestream, and I decided that something two-sided would be appropriate to go with the latest community challenge. So I’m going to pick an STL to mill out on the Shapeoko, probably using indexing pins or the BitZero to locate my stock. If you have any suggestions for a good, not-too-time-consuming, thing to machine I’m all ears. Otherwise, we might just end up with a banana…


Maybe something functional, like a spoon?

@wmoy Thanks Winston!

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Final Result:

Thanks for tuning in, everyone!


What?! No real “banana for scale” on the picture ? Where’s your 2012 internet sub-culture! :rofl:


In the livestream you refer to an AC Isolator and EMI. How does an AC Isolator help with EMI?
Thanks for the livestream by the way. Nice banana!

More about back EMF really. A electrical filter in line with a vacuum or other problematic device can reduce the electrical noise and surge being pushed back into your 120V circuit and causing stability issues on the controller.


Hi, thanks Winston that makes more sense to me now. I searched for AC Isolator and all I got back was an Isolator switch.

@wmoy Winston, could you post a link?

Ac line isolator may be a better search term.
Tripp Lite IS250 Isolation Transformer 250W Surge 120V 2 Outlet 6 feet Cord TAA GSA

Thanks …

So…the idea is plug your dust collector into the filter - and the purpose is to reduce the noise on the 110 that might impact the Shapeoko control board??? Do I have that right?

An AC line isolator would have to be sized for the equipment it is used on.

Actually, why use something like this unless you know there is a problem with that piece of equipment. With that logic, you might just as well buy something for everything in your shop! :smiley:

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