Living without rapids


Autodesk has now removed the rapids from Fusion for hobbyist use, I’ve run some toolpaths with the new version and I’m not impressed, it’s like driving through roadworks with a temporary speed limit but no work being done.

However, there’s some initial tricks to make it less bad and hopefully some more, here’s my observations so far after one evening of cursing it;

  1. The lack of rapids is a major PITA, you can grow a beard waiting for the cutter to crawl it’s way between bores or contour profiles, I expect to be fitting a giant “Turbo Speed” button to drive the feed override in Carbide Motion just to let me feel like I’m doing something about the obviously stupid and time-wasting g-code Fusion produces now

  2. Better News - As Neil Ferreri spotted;
    Fusion 360 No Rapids - Cannot run drilling paths in Carbide Motion now
    there are still rapids at the start and end of the jobs so;

  • Split up your Bore, Contour, Adaptive Clear type toolpaths that previously had multiple regions, holes or contours, just copy / paste or “create derived operation” and set up one per hole, contour, region etc. to minimise the travel within the enforced speed limit zone and get the start / end rapids for transitions across the workpiece
  • Increasing the “stay down level” and “maximum stay down distance” can now yield larger time savings than before, I did this anyway due to slower Z movements on the HDZ but now the savings are much bigger
  1. Their QA is getting worse, for some time I’ve been noticing the warning signs of development being outsourced to cheap Asian supplier without effective QA oversight to managed the inherent quality and stability problems that come with that, simple examples include gibberish messages that have clearly never been seen by an English speaker. This time it’s drilling toolpaths generate g-code that GRBL can’t run, that’s called regression testing guys and it’s software development 101.

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