Load File without Connecting to Cutter

Is it possible to load a file without connecting to the cutter. With the new feature of being able to view the gcode tool path in carbide motion (great feature!) … I often want to open my gcode and check for errors before heading out to the garage and hooking up to the shapeoko. Currently in carbide motion the “run” option is available before connecting to the cutter, but nothing happens when I click on it.

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I know your request is about CM, but just FYI there are a number of options to preview Gcode files from the computer where you do your CAD, before heading out to the garage.

I use ncviewer.com all the time.

There’s also the standalone software Camotics

The preview in CM is a great way to double check…that you brought the right version of the file to the garage, just before you run it.


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