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Anyone have trouble loading a file with a.0312" endmill?

I can load any file with a.0625" endmill or larger.

I can open all. NC files except this one. I can even open the same. NC file if I edit the cutter to. 0625" but as soon as I edit it to the cutter I want… 0312" it won’t load.

Any ideas or suggestions?

What is the file size?

It may be that you’re running into a limit on the size of file which Carbide Motion can handle.

If you’re loading a second file into Carbide Motion it may be that right-clicking and choosing reload/refresh from the contextual menu will show the second file.


Hey @WillAdams, 44.8 is the file size. Where can I find the limit? And it’s the same stl blues championship file. Changing the cutter changes the file size even though it’s the same image?

44.8MB is probably larger than Carbide Motion can handle.

Changing the endmill to a smaller one results in a larger file size since one must make more passes to remove the same amount of material.

Post the .mcf here or send it in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to help you get it down to a manageable size.


Thanks Will. I just checked the file sizes of my other projects and this is definitely much larger file.

You know, it would be great if the programmers put in a file size check and if too big then tell the user it’s is too big! … just sayin…

This could go into CC when the *.nc file Is saved and also in CM when an attempt is made to load a large file. This sort of thing i have always referred to as “user-friendly programming” where the user is given an understandable reason why something either doesn’t work or is a bad idea… and preferably give a suggested solution ( or a link to a longer solution.

Another of many examples is if the user selects a path that is far deeper than the stock, or a far too slow or fast feed rate or plunge rate etc. there was a post here the other day when someone put in a plunge of say 5 thinking it was mm and in fact it was in inches. Please save us from ourselves!

Gone are the days of “USER ERROR 3478” and other equally useless and unhelpful behavior…lol

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I broke it down into 4 seperate files and it’s running great so far. Ty!


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