Locked toolbox window

Downloaded Carbide Create for the Mac and the toolbox window has all the tool folders locked. Does anyone know how to unlock them. Attaching a screen shot of what I’m talking about.

I was hoping to attach a screen shot but it doesn’t look like that is working.

Thanks in advance

They are “locked” just in the sense that you cannot delete them, this is to prevent users from unadvertently removing those defaults. Can’t you unfold them ?

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What do you mean by “unfold”. I can open them but there is nothin in them except the material categories and clicking on them shows nothing.


Weird. I use the Windows version not Mac, mine looks like this for example

If nothing shows up, maybe try uninstalling/reinstalling ? Someone with a Mac may be in a better position to figure out what’s going on

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Did you click the little chevron ? (or double click on a category)

It’s all fine now. I don’t know what changed except my Apple program developer had me deleting files I didn’t know existed. Now I see all the tools. Thanks for the prompt response. It’s nice to know there is help here at a moments notice.

Thanks again,

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Note that if you want to add tools you’ll need to create your own custom library to work in.

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