Long time no visit

I has been awhile since I have been a regular poster on this board. I got sidetracked a couple few years ago and went down a different rabbit hole with my woodwork. Do most of my stuff laser cut or hand turned these days, but had a small project that fit my XXL 3 a couple days ago. I have used it a handful of times in the last couple years, but it surprisingly works as it did day 1. I just looked and I’ve had my machine since September of 2016! Anyway, I regress, this is the gallery, so I should galler?

They’re just simple bath towel hooks my wife requested for our master bath, but was fun to get the old macheene running again, and gives me a chance to say hello to the forum!



Welcome back, good to see you here again.

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Thanks Rob, good to be back! Admittedly I peruse this forum still fairly often, but I never post because my projects for the most part have taken a different turn. A friend asked me about a year ago if my machine still ran because he has a sizeable project (We’ll call it ProjectX) that is too big for my laser, and not laser friendly. So I dusted off the machine (an original 3XXL completely belt driven) and did some small stuff just to test functionality, and it worked like it had never been shutdown. Fair to say I have a lot of tools, but I’m still so impressed with this machine after 5 years, which included about 3 years of heavy usage followed by being the catch all for things I was storing, and still runs like there’s no tomorrow! You guys built a great machine!