Longer X Axis, please

Can you please please please make the extrusions longer on the X Axis?

The Shapeoko is so perfect I just do not want to have to deal with another manufacturer. I’d pay double the price of the XXL if I could get my hands on 48" rails.

The price jump is tremendous if you want a bigger bed.

This was discussed before, many of us would like a machine that could cut a half sheet of plywood with approximately the same rigidity, speed and accuracy.

Discussed? haha. let’s make it a reality.

Well at least you know that you are not alone wanting this type of machine. Maybe others will chime-in.

BTW, if you do a search, you will find others who have put two machines together making an XXL into a machine that has more than 4 times the usable area. They used attached the extrusions internally so there was no interference for the V wheels. Personally, I wpuld prefer an official product with no seams.

First, I appreciate you discussing this with me. I use the Shapeoko in my daily business. I fabricate signage and it’s pretty amazing what I can accomplish with this hobby level machine.

I have done an exhaustive research on low cost CNC machines available. No one has reached this low price point as the Carbide folks, using belts instead of a screw drive system and comes as a kit. If your cutting soft materials there is no need for these over the top systems. I just need a lager bed.

Can I please purchase (2) rails, maybe 54" long? I will pay top dollar.

There are other options on the market. I just think they could grab a bigger market share if they offered a larger bed. Only needs to be on the X axis.

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What will you use for the end plates? With the current design, you can’t change the X length without replacing the end plates.

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If I need end plates I can visit my local metal fabrication shop and have some waterjet cut out of aluminum or steel. This is not the issue. The issue is obtaining these awesome rails. I would pay good money for a set. I bet I’m not the only one.

I can pretty much have anything fabricated to make this a bigger machine, except the rails. I can’t go to the local metal fab shop and say, cut me two of those. Only the Shapeoko people can do that.

I’ll give you my credit card. Sell me some rails. please.

just 48" on the X-Axis. :shushing_face:

Your customer base will jump in a huge way.

Both my hands are up for an option to cut a half sheet!!

Wait a second . . . . . . . Both feet are up as well…

(That’s a visual huh?)

I was about to order an XXL upgrade but if this would ever become an option I would wait a bit for it…


Linear rails, keep belt drive

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