Look for something to help out with my vacuum hose

I have shapeoko 3xxl
And I got the suck it dust boot
I was wonder if there are any ideas on how to support the hose for the dust boot

I use a id badge retract-o-thingy attached to the hose and a cabinet above. Can still move around, but gets a lift from the badge thingy.


Here’s what I’m using… bungy cord hooked into the ceiling, and a shopvac extension piece to support the other end. Vac and Power Arm

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I made a “vac boom” from PVC pipe and made an MDF holder to support the hose at the router:


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I put a c-clamp on the underside of my upper cabinet and then haphazardly wrapped a piece of wire around the c-clamp and the hose.


I haven’t built my enclosure yet, but I’ve had a crazy idea for this of putting a piece of sheet metal along the top of the enclosure, and then using ball magnets (probably in a 3D printed bracket/loop) and letting the magnets hold the hose to the top and the stiffness of the hose to push the magnets around to take up the slack.

Now I haven’t put too much thought into this yet, but if someone else plays with the idea, let me know how it goes!

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I used 1/8" (3mm) bungee cord to hang my vacuum hose from the ceiling. I just adjusted it until it had neutral buoyancy at the highest retraction of my router, then it just had to slightly pull it down to plunge.

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