Looking at selling shapeoko xxl

Looking at selling my shapeoko xxl with all my tools, dust boot, dust boot hose, custom waste board, and machine. Has the makita router installed. $2200 for everything! I’ll update pictures if there is any interest!

Thanks guys!


I don’t think I can allow myself to be interested at the moment, but out of curiosity (and for the benefit of anyone passing by this thread), whereabouts might you and your kit be? Pickup or shipping seems to often be useful info.

(Now to keep convincing myself that I am not allowed to add any more to my shop until I make some things with my diamond drag bits and get up to cromulence in ZBrush. :sweat_smile:)

Yea, that would be helpful info lol! Kit is located in Spartanburg South Carolina. Local pickup is available, as well as meeting half way, and shipping will be free.

Only extra few would just be meeting with the machine. Price would depend on location.

Come on @ClayJar it’s just one more lol!

I’m in SC and in the market. Could pick up any time. What is included under “all my tools?” How used is the machine? Price is pretty close to new…


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