Looking for a business name

Hoping for some amazing ideas !
So i have a numberplate call ssw (uk)
Used to be for call Smart Space wardrobes.
Wondering if i could keep it but turning it into a name for my new sign making adventure l.

So really looking for something like simply signs world,

Tricky one but im sure someone could come up with a catchy name !

Ha. I am deciding on a name as well so that I can mark my work.

For you how about Super Special Workpieces

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Also trying to decide if I want to order a custom branding iron or cut the brass on my own. I have not tried metal yet.

I’ll kick it off. Assuming your signs are made of wood:

Something Special Woodwork
Something Special Woodworking
Something Special Woodshop
Special Signs Woodwork/Woodshop

Scrupulously Sculptured Woodworking

It rolls off the tongue like a roller coaster.

I like S____ Sign Works. Maybe something like “Simply Sign Works” or “Sun Sign Works”. First word should be something you can create your logo from.

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Esoteric Creations - Making Dreams Reality

How about make up a name like, Sam Smith Woodworking?
Simple Simon Woodworks

The S.S.W sounds really neat to me.
The S.S.Woodman.

S.S. mean SteamShip but most important about those old vessels was that the steam was a sign of something special, more powerful, a thing to marval at.

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