Looking for a deep cutting end mill

So I have an aluminum block coming and I plan on hollowing it out, I need an end mill that can cut atleast an inch deep, any recommendations? Thanks guys!

Which machine? Nomad? Shapoko?


As long as the shank of the end mill is the same size of smaller, you do not need an end mill that has cutting flutes that are as deep as your cut. Please loot at the attached photo. Here I am cutting on the OD and ID of this round part to a depth of 1.3" inches deep, with an end mill that has a cutting length of 0.75"

Just make sure that (a) to stick the end mill out of the collet enough for your cut but (b) make sure there is enough inside of the router collet to hold the end mill.

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The longest endmill I’ve found suited for use in a Shapeoko is:


which is listed at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Endmills#Specific_Bit_and_Brand_Recommendations

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Which machine? Nomad? Shapoko?[/quote]

@Sway’s posting history suggests he or she has recently purchased a Nomad.

The 0.25" diameter cutter (Carbide3D #201) has a cutting length of 0.75" and an overall length of 2.5", so as long as you leave this sticking out of your collet by more than your maximum depth, this might work.

Please note that the standard Nomad only comes with a 0.125" collet, so you’ll need to buy a separate 0.25" collet to use with the #201 endmill.

Also, how big is the hollow? Is it all one constant depth or would it have stepped features of varying heights and widths? Showing us a CAD model or a sketch would really help us make better recommendations.

If you can use 1/4" shank then here you go.

Ok, this is great to know, any recommended end mills for aluminum?

COATED (a must!) end mills. I prefer 1/4 inch or 6mm if you are going an 3/4" deep.

I buy mine from ebay from this proven seller drillman1


I got a couple from Mcmaster Carr that work well. https://www.mcmaster.com/#catalog/122/2514/=14u4k56

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FYI: Jim, you are spending WAY too much for your end mills…No need to spend more than $10 for a good coated 1/4 end mill.

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The difference between an expensive and an inexpensive end mill (For a hobby machine) is cost.


Hey Rich… I’m Canadian so unfortunately I pay more for most things :frowning2:. Guess I’m used to it. Do you know an inexpensive Canadian supplier? Or a supplier that ships to Canada at a reasonable rate? Also, one thing I love about Mcmaster Carr is I get my order within 2 days. I once ordered from one of the few places on Amazon that ships to Canada and it took 3+ months.