Looking for a Fusion 360 Coach / Guru

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a Fusion 360 coach. I have seen youtube videos but now I need a coach. On-line coaching is fine with me. How much would someone in this forum charge me?

The focus of the lesson is how to create the CAM for a CAD file I have; for 2-sided machining. And have it ready for machining.

I have the Shapeoko XXL 3 machine.

Is there someone interested in being my coach?

Please let me know; my e mail is: roccaguitars@gmail.com


If I may suggest,

I think you’d find it less frustrating to develop your Fusion CAM fu, tutored or not, on a smaller, quicker, cheaper part to learn the key steps in getting two sided jobs working. Something small and simple to learn how to fixture, choose how you’re going to locate the stock for the flip etc.


Thank you Liam,

But I need this specific, focused support.

Would you be interested in being my coach? How much would a class cost?


Any one who can please give me a lesson?

When all else fails, there’s YouTube. Lars Christenson’s channel is very helpful.

Are you using the Free (Hobby) License or Paid License?

Steve, can you give me a lesson?

Hello Rich,

I have the free license.

Can you give me a lesson? I have some very specific questions. I can send you a team’s meeting so we can have a video conference call sharing my screen.

Thank you and regards,

Sorry, no. I’m currently at work.

I can’t provide a one-on-one coaching session, but if you provide some details about what kind of part(s) you are trying to make we might be able to give some ideas for how to do it and point you in the right direction.


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