Looking for a. Source to purchase sheets of acrylic

I’m looking for a source to purchase sheets of colored acrylic. Can anyone direct me
Thanks in advance

Try BuyPlastic.com I found them to be relatively inexpensive and prompt shippers.


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TLDR; McMaster has stuff too, about double the cost of BuyPlastic.com, but in some cases having sizes & colors that differ (are not available from) from BuyPlastic.com (which may or may not suit your case).

Also Amazon might be worth checking.


I source acrylic from a local acrylic shop. Good to check to see if you have one in your area.

I source other plastics like polycarbonate and HDPE from a local plastics warehouse.

I source some other plastics like PVC sheet from a local sign maker supply warehouse locally.


I’ve had good luck with estreet plastics:

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Go with Lexan. Much more durable than acrylic so it’ll last you a lot longer.

Lexan is a polycarbonate, there are times when acrylic is what you want and times when polycarbonate is what you want. It totally depends on which material properties are important for you project.


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