Looking for advice on how to add a tool to Carbide Create

I just purchased this tool here
Amana Tool 45918 Carbide Tipped Core Box 3/8 R x 3/4 D x 7/16 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK Router Bit

Not sure what the right specs are to load it into Carbide Create. Anyone ever use one of these core box type bits?

I’m afraid that Carbide Create doesn’t support that endmill geometry — the underlying CSV does have a corner radius option for it, but CC won’t use it when previewing (it also won’t preview a V endmill when used for other than a V carving).

Enter it as a square endmill and do without the preview of the rounding, or enter it as a ball-nosed endmill, and just remember that more material will be removed for the rounding than is shown.

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