Looking for belt and other upgraded recommendations for the Shapeoko Pro

I interested to hear if anyone has upgraded their belts and pullies.

Did you go with kevlar or steel reinforced belts? Links to the items you purchased would Be a big help to the community.

Folks upgraded Shapeoko 3 to kevlar and steel core belts. For a time c3d put steel core belts in maintenance kits but withdrew them and put fiberglass back in maintenance kits. The steel core tend to fail more than fiberglass or kevlar belts. In operation all 3 perform well. Since it is pennies a unit for c3d to put on any belt they feel best; would stick to stock belts.

If it aint broke dont fix it.

As far as other upgrades I have not seen any discussion for the pro. After all it is a pro model.

When the hdz comes out that would be worthwhile. I have a 3xxl with hdz and it is day and night over belt z. How much better than a z-plus is questionable. I also have an xl that I ordered a z-plus to replace belt z. So when it comes I will know if a z-plus is enough or if I should have gotten an hdz,


I’d like to buy an extra set of stock belts but I don’t see them listed on Carbide 3D’s website,

Please write in to sales@carbide3d.com and we’ll let you know what we can about the availability of the SO4 Maintenance Kit (which is just a matter of time to be made available).


I tested the X and Y axis on my Pro. On both the stepper motor’s torque holding capacity is exceeded and the stepper skips before the belts do. So a belt upgrade wouldn’t do anything unless you could fit higher torque steppers and higher output drivers.

I do intend to get maintaince kits for my Pro and SO4 when they are available.



I emailed sales and was carbide 3D is not going to be releasing a maintenance kit. Any recommendations on where to buy replacement belts for the pro?

While there will not be a Maintenance Kit, spare belts will be available — all machines are currently under warranty, so if one has an urgent need due to a failure, write to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll take care of it.

If one wants spares, write in to sales@carbide3d.com and explain what you want and we’ll see what can be communicated.

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For those of us who are using our Shapeoko as production machines it would be helpful to make the belts available for sale.

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Hopefully that is being worked on — write in to sales@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to let you know what we can.

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You’d be surprised what enough “please take my money” questions to sales will do in products magically appearing, especially if it’s stuff the company has in their supply chain anyway already :wink:


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