Looking for Carbide Design Elements Suggestions

Some of you may have seen the beginnings of our Design Elements library at:


It’s a collection of SVG files that you can incorporate into your designs. (Login required but otherwise free)

Tracy, our graphic artist, has been cranking through the initial to-do list we’d like to get some feedback from the community.

What would you like to see in there? What would be helpful to you?


@robgrz What is already on the plate? I assume basic shapes, stars, animals, buildings, maps, states, banners, etc?

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A lot of that is on the list, but we’re not sure what people are actually looking for so we’d like all the feedback we can get so we don’t go blindly down a path that won’t immediately help anyone.

I noticed the current elements are a little bit “American-centric” (which makes a lot of sense, a very large part of the users are American and will like to find e.g. flag elements or Thanksgiving-themed vectors), so maybe diversify the library?


Absolutely. We started with some of the most popular items like flags and holidays.

Is there anything we could add that would be of use to you in particular?


I find myself going to Etsy for things like vines, floral patterns, mandala-style, and generally for “abstract” vectors, so it would be great to have this type of vectors in the library.


I’ve made boxes etc for various nieces and nephews with cut-outs of, unicorns, tractors, etc., so stuff like that would be interesting. Ditto on things like flourishes, repeating patterns (Celtic weaves etc)


one of the “workable” things might be to also work on seasonal things… so 2 months before christmas, add a set of basic christmas items etc… throughout the year.

I would like states/countries/regions since they often are a base for other things for me…


Any kind of seamless step and repeat patterns…things that can be tiled and will match continuously.


I get a lot of ideas (not to mention files) from Scan2CAD. (They say they will change their name to ‘Maker Union’ soon.)

Panels, tiles and designs for backgrounds to place 3D objects with/on.

Images/objects that can be cut into/onto frames.

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I definitely second this from @Julien
More scroll type decorative art.

What a great idea,themes like animals is always a want,cats dogs,horses,llamas etc.The other one would be sporting themes a good one is water skiing,sailing and so on.

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Hi Rob; at the risk of swimming against the tide here, I have a couple of thoughts for you. As a newbie, it could be really useful to have a couple of SVG files to experiment with. I see that Easel provides a few files that would be helpful to the newbie. It is probably a good thing that Carbide Create does not come overloaded with a lot of SVG files. Maybe a button that takes the user to the SVG file library would be handy for users and all that is required.

My own view is this: It is relatively easy to find and adapt SVG files. Some people will not be as happy with library choices that constrain them and may well prefer to choose the images they actually want to use. I have yet to be convinced that there is a case for reinventing the wheel, given how many clipart libraries actually exist and which can and do supply all manner of files for free.

Enlarging upon the idea that CC may be able to point the user to the Carbide collection of design elements, would it be viable to consider pointing users to other well known libraries of images? This could potentially assist Tracy in keeping her to do list short.

I think @Julien also made a good point about having some images/area that would be less USA centric. My own take is that when I have an idea and I am looking for an image to illustrate the idea, I would rather be in control of the creative process so that I do not feel squashed into an idea that someone else has thought of and given life as an illustration.


I like everything in there so far. Except the Ohio state shape is wrong, I believe it might be nevada at this time.
I was able to make my own Ohio svg, but others may need it.


I didn’t even know Carbide Elements existed till just now… love it

Simple animals
cake toppers
cutting board shapes
clock blanks

what about some more decorative stuff? like some simple flourishes and ‘floral corners’.

flo2 florish


These are great. Looking forward to using them with my xxl. Is this something we will later have to pay to use? Or is it now included in the cc software?

Included with the free Carbide Create — you just have to sign up for an account at launch.carbide3d.com

Thank you CC is what I use and have been using since I purchased my xxl from carbide 3 d. However, I haven’t upgraded yet and still using one of the order versions

It’s surprising what people make, or draw, with these… Been making a ‘ShapeOKO for Glass’, size adjustable, ‘hang on the glass/window with suckers’ machine. Why? Can’t answer that, aside from ‘Covid Lock-Down’. Parts designed in OnShape, STLs pulled into Vectrics, cut from cast acrylic on my 3XLHDZ. Took standard GRBL on ATMega380/Uno and re-wrote parts of it to do Core-XY with Pen up/down rather than true Z. Drive it with Universal GRBL Sender, or any of the usual sender tools. Now working on software to take images and create the Single Line art (travelling salesman technique) and output them directly as GCODE. Good fun!! Lots of refinement yet to come, but it works brilliantly!!

Excuse the ‘cardboard tubes’ holding this against the wall. Crude, but it worked to ‘give it a try’.


As a non American (British), it would be nice to see other design elements that are related to other countries, like a map of the UK a British flag, or even the British Royal Family, British cars, European cars or anything else that could be thought about dare I say it, non American

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