Looking for CNC work?

Anyone looking for paid work? I make photo boxes for a photographer and it’s become a little too much to manage right now. I’d like to recommend a talented replacement for me when I resign from future orders. If you are interested then keep reading. Boxes are walnut, mahogany or maple. The lids are just simple floating lids with a rabbet. No hinges or any other hardware. The top has the family name engraved and filled with paint. The inside of the lid has the photographer’s logo. Obviously, a lot of this is non-CNC woodworking so keep that in mind if you are interested. Reach out and I’ll share more info on how I handle pricing, shipping, graphics with the customer, etc.


I like the one in walnut

I assume being local would be a plus. Or are you already shipping these to the photographer?

Good question. I’m shipping them. The photographer is located in Naples, FL which is only a couple hours south of me in Tampa but I still ship. However, the previous box maker was in California so shipping is no issue. We handle pretty much everything over email.

Thank you to everyone that PMd me! I’ll be reaching out today.

I’ve had some great side conversations with some of you and here are some answers to some common questions.

Why do I want to stop doing this work?
At this point in my life I get very little shop time and when I do I would rather be making other stuff. I first took this opportunity so I could make some extra cash for tools/materials etc. Since then my YouTube channel has started making money and I’d rather pour my time into that. The boxes don’t take a long time to make.

How many orders do I get? How steady is this work?
From May 2021 to now I’ve had 8 orders. Sometimes I’ll have 2 boxes in a month, sometimes 0 in a month. Regardless it’s not overwhelming, just not what I want to focus on right now.

What are the deadlines?
I try to get them to the customer within 3 weeks

Is the customer good to work with? Pays on time?
Yes. That’s why I’m trying to not leave her hanging with no supplier. When I ship the order I email an invoice with the tracking number. I usually get paid the following Friday when she runs payroll.

Has the customer ever rejected a delivery?
Yes but it was definitely my fault. She was very accommodating and understanding when negotiating a replacement. I will set you up for success if you want this work.

Do I have creative freedom on the boxes?
Not completely. We have agreed upon interior dimensions based on the size and number of prints. She provides the graphics for the engraving along with the size and placement on the lid. I handle the details of construction like grain patterns, number and placement of splines, etc.

Box details:
The customer has a ‘less is more’ mindset on these. Think subtle beauty. Her logo on the inside is shallow and not filled or painted. The outer engraving is also shallow (0.025") and both are done with a very small engraving bit. These are not 0.5" deep V-Carves. The bits I use are less than $20 on Amazon. Sometimes I have to fatten up the lettering in Carbide Create (offset command). I also provide one photo stand with each box. See attached pic.

I will provide all the digital files I have: Fusion 360 parametric drawing, Carbide Create file for photo stand, Carbide Create file to do the rabbet on the lid with the CNC, engraving examples and bits I use.

Did I scare you away? :grin:


I wish I had the talent you do. Tell us more about these small (cheap?) bits you like!

Sure! I’ve had success with the bits below. They are not in the standard bit library in CC so you’ll have to add those but that is easy enough. For engravings I do a pocket tool path at a depth of 0.025 inch. Then I spray it with flat black spray paint, sand off the overspray and finish with a coupe coats of spray lacquer. Hope this helps!