Looking for CNCjs corner probe macro

Can anyone point me to a simple corner probe macro fro CNCjs. Looked for the one in @Luke a video but couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere. I tried @neilferreri’s but was noble to make it work. Not sure why. Probably cause I’m a total noob and can’t read g-code any better than I can Latin. Thanks.

Hi @jraydollar, welcome to the community!
I’m pretty sure @Luke was using one of the ones I posted. (By the way, nothing about the corner probing routines are mine…just gcode, I can’t take credit for that).
What corner probe do you have? C3D’s?
What’s not working?

I’m actually using a MillRightCNC Mega V (Grbl) and their corner probe (standard circuit completion type). I use only Carbide Create for designing my files. This site is the best place I’ve found for info in the cncjs macros. I’m not sure what exactly I did wrong, but when I execute the macro my machine immediately probes z downward and I get a stop sequence alarm when the plate is contacted. @neilferreri, so you know, I was in NO way implying that it was the fault of your macro, just the assumption I did something wrong. Thanks!!

Does it throw an alarm as soon as contact is made?
What alarm?
Does the Z probe work at all? The built in one.

Yes it stops immediately upon contact, I will have to look and see what type of alarm it is.
I removed the macro and will replace it tonight after work. This time I will install it the way you showed in your gif.
Yes the built in z probe works fine. The built in x and y probe functions go the wrong direction for a corner probe so I am assuming they are for a hole probe?
Thanks again.

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