Looking for help in South Texas

I am struggling with carbide create and close to the point of giving up and selling a brand new unused machine.
Tech support has been useless to me.
I need in person instruction and I will pay for your time.
I truly appreciate all the people offering to help online… but apparently that’s not how I learn.
So anyone in San Antonio or Corpus Christi or Houston give me a shout.

What specific task are you trying to do which you are having trouble with?

All of it. If you are close enough to where I can get some in person help, say when and where and how much. Otherwise, we’re waisting each others time here. Thanks for response and forgive my bluntness but I’m done with the online method.

Oh come on, … give a for instance…?

There are too many to list in carbide create. It embarrassing. So unless you are in south or central Texas, and willing to lend hand in person… Have a nice day.

I was new to carbide create once and im sure shared many of your frustrations most likely as it was something new to learn. Everybody learns certain ways and I am also more of an in person learner.

If you do not get any in person responses I would suggest searching “carbide create” on YouTube and do basic step by step design videos which is what I ended up doing. I would watch a video for a step, pause it, and go do that step in carbide create then continue doing this thru the video. By the end I had designed what was shown in the video and learned a great deal. This gives you the feel as if it’s in person.

This is a great community of supporters and many will help with whatever they can so dont give up and get rid of the machine yet! Once you get going in carbide create it will become easier and seeing the end results of projects is exciting.


Maybe its time to move away from carbide create and try something else. Vectric has good programs, they arent free but they have excellent getting started guides and videos.

But if you are set on only learning in person you are most likely S.O.L., especially with covid still a thing. No company really provides in person training with machines in this cost range. You need to watch youtube videos and ask questions in forums to learn to use. But it seems you are unwilling to learn that way.


Please help us to understand in what way you are not succeeding with the online assistance.

I don’t see any tickets under your name which would indicate any difficulties, nor any requests for the sort of custom tutorials which we do for folks.

I appreciate all that. Truly. My browser history looks like it has a carbide create, cnc youtube rash…
I was extremely frustrated yesterday because I realize Im the weak link so far. I will continue out of spite.

Unwilling and not having success are 2 different things. And yeah, I agree Im sol at the moment. Thanks.

I purchased this 11-24-20 and the assembly was easy and fun. I have called tech support more than once and they even set up in person call to Finnish set up. I appreciated that. I don’t know what tickets you talking about and I’ve never hear of custom tutorials.

Normally the way this sort of thing transpires is a customer notes what project or file they are having difficulty with, sends in a file, or a sketch, and we work up a step-by-step custom tutorial to accomplish what they are having difficulty with.

For example:

which has been updated slightly at:

As @jepho noted, the best way to approach this is to start with an exceedingly simple task, and work though it from beginning to end, learning from the successes, and working out the difficulties encountered systematically, with the simplicity of the task making the difficulties simple to identify and to resolve.

Where would you like to start? What basic thing would you like to try to do which you are having difficulty with?

We can’t help if you don’t ask for help in a fashion compatible w/ what it is practicable for us to provide.


I’ll repeat that I offered to do a video call (sorry I’m not in texas … and covid) to talk you through a bunch of basics

[and no I do not charge for stuff]


Again… I truly appreciate all the offers and moral support and well wishes.
I am stepping away from the machine for a few days to finish some cabinets and cool off.

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If it helps any I just figured out that I needed to get the face plate all the way to the top, so my z axis switch could find it and then all of a sudden my machine started working the right way. It took my a few weeks to figure it out, I redid the wiring a few times while, and I sat in frustration while I got the 'Homing failed: something could not be pulled."
So if your face plate is all the way down at the bottom like mine was, just unscrew the thing to hold the router, take off the face plate, move those slider things to the top, and twist that swivel on the riser pole near the top. Be sure to match the screw holes on the back of the face plate to the screws on the swivel on the riser first before you putt it back together, because it’s just easier that way.
I forgot to mention the back of the face plate should be covering the z axis switch, so it will be found that way…
I really hope that helps and you can understand my coding of this and that.
Take care,

Joel - I live in Austin and am willing to help. But first, a bit of disclaimer. I do not (yet) own one of these machines. I’ve been trying since November to buy a Shapeoko Pro XXL but have not been lucky on timing to order one. (Hopefully I’ll get to order one next week.)

However, I have CNC experience and have been using Carbide Create on a different CNC machine with great success. Price for coming to you would depend on where you are (travel time).

Send me a private message if you would like me to help and we can work out details.


Well, I finally figured it out!!! I had to uninstall and reinstall carbide create and motion.
I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and offers to assist…
The curse of being an in person learner weighs heavy. LOL.

Well, that’s great,
Have A Nice Day

I know how u fell I was once there also. I had no experience in using a cnc machine when I purchased mine. Thought at the time how hard could it be. While the machine wasn’t the problem. Never using software like that was. But after time and by watching videos and talking to people. I have come to the point where I can make something that turns out nice. Still have issues at time but people have been great on making a file n being able to walk through it. Start with simple stuff. A small plaque using just one bit. Seeing something u made that came out good. Gives more encouragement it did me. Them move up to making a plaque using 2 different bits. Just start small. Check out videos of Ben Myers woodwork he has simple to follow small things. How to make your own clamps. Wasteboard n starts with a simple plaque n adds to it. Just don’t give up. Once u make something small u will not be able to stop. I now can spend hours out in the shop just messing around.

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