Looking for Input on Nomad 883

Hello all,
I am looking for some opinions on he Nomad 883, I want to use it for doing some light prototyping in aluminum and plastics, I also want to be able to use it to mill RMR cuts and possibly front cocking serations in Airsoft Pistol slides, theses are all made from aluminum. Would the Nomad be good for this type of work? Also, I saw that the Nomad uses ER-11 Collets, the largest ER-11 collet I know if is 5/16’’ Can the Nomad push handle a 5/16’’ endmill in aluminum? I’m assuming that I would need to use coolant with this as well, if so what would you guys recommend? Just a manual squirt bottle? Or are there other options ( I Know that flood coolant would be out of the question)

If your primary application is Aluminum then the Nomad 883 may not be the best machine for you, especially if you need larger diameter cutters.


Ok, if I used shallow depths of cut would that help? I don’t need to clear large amounts of material, I just need to be able to cut serrations that are around 1/8’’ deep.

That’s totally doable. You’d need to limit the tool diameter to 1/8" or smaller. The chatter might be too might otherwise.


Ok. For serations that would be fine, if I wanted to face a slide to remove mold lines would that be a problem? Or would the Nomad be able to handle that?