Looking for some Betas

Chaps, and ladies…

I’m looking for some betas for a simple project.

It’s around work holding. Who’s keen?

To qualify, you need:

  • A Shapeoko
  • To predominately be doing wood projects/signs etc.
  • A honest opinion
  • A couple of projects to do

I think that’s it…



Wait, by “workholding” do you mean beerholding?


I am certainly interested! I have an engraved lazy susan to make out of tigerwood, driftwood to engrave, and a topographical map to make in the next month.

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Shapeoko - check
Wood/sign projects - check
Honest opinion - slightly carbide3d biased but ok
A couple of projects to do - check.

So yes I’m interested as well

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I’ll give it a try. it ought to be interesting

darn autocorrect!

I’m interested.

Just got an XXL a few weeks ago and experimenting a lot with wood.

Add me to your list, but don’t wait for long. I’m running down my list now.

I mark all those boxes and am happy to participate!

Count me in! I have several projects on the board I need to do.

I’m in if you need more Running a threaded wasteboard currently. And plenty of projects lined up!

I’m down if you need another.

I’m running XXL with t-tracks and mdf wasteboard, I do a lot of timber projects with aluminium hold down clamps, jobs out of both square material and odd shaped timber slabs.

Happy to test and give honest feedback, I’ve tried a lot of different options

I’m in… if you still need people!

I would love to try it out, if you want a total noob opinion! LOL

I’ll give it a shot …

Count me in too, please!

I would like to give it a try. In the process of doing several different projects

If you are still needing more I would be willing.

Not sure if you need more than you have, but interested if you still need people.

I’ve been away for a while after an open heart surgery. If this is still going, and you need a master of disasters, count me in. Over 25 years of software development, specialize in OS & apps.

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