Looking for someone willing to build plastic parts for me

Looking for someone living close to Salt Lake City, Utah willing to cut some plastic parts for me. Considering purchasing an SD3 to build my own plastic parts but don’t want to wait on the learning curve,

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What’re you looking for? Size / Quantity?


Thank you for your response. I tried to respond from my email account but apparently it didn’t go through.
I am looking for someone to build a few parts for me. I would like to work directly with them so that there are no misunderstandings. Most of them would be individual pieces. The things I would like to have first are two 6" diameter by 1" thick from plastic. I am installing 6- 1x1/2" magnets in them, so I would need holes to accommodate them. There are a few other pieces, roughly the same idea. I would expect to pay a fair price for your time and effort. I’m also hoping that I could learn how to use the machine so when I buy one I would have a chance to move forward with it.
It would be best if the person lives close to me.

i cannot help make these parts for you but thought you should know two things:

  1. the shapeoko is very fun to build, and hardly presents any difficulty (yet while building, you actually learn how these things work).

  2. the learning curve is nothing to fear; shapeoko has also made it a very fun and easy thing to do.


Thank you for your kind response