Looking for Thoughts and opinions

Hello- I am sharing a file I was hoping someone could give me their opinion or advise. Im specifically asking about the badge. It has some detail to it- I set up an advanced v carve toolpath and the simulation looks pretty good. I want to make sure it comes out as good as its can so if anyone has a better tool path option I’d love to try it. Thanks again as always

Here is the file

Camden County Police Academy.c2d (984 KB)

I would try a test cut with a 1/16 th inch downcut bit for the pocket clearing tool (instead of a 1/8th inch).

What is your full desired outcome for this project? I can look into some of your design and see what could be better with it possibly, but we will see how it turns out.

Try this file and see if it is any better for you and to your liking. Hopefully you have the tools that are required to run these toolpaths.

Need the 60 degree V bit, 1/16 endmill, 1/8 endmill. Check to make sure about the rest. Its late for me and I a bit tired, so, I might have not remembered all of the tools for this project. Let me know if you like this better or not.

Liberty and Prosperity.c2d (1.8 MB)

I was back and forth with that idea. I will try that.

Will do and thank you.

Eli- I am using your tool paths but for some reason am having trouble with the inside portion of the badge. I am highlighting that portion, using adv. v carve with 1/16 and 60 degree bit but it is doing the opposite tool path than you have. It is cutting the inside out rather than just following the lines. What am I doing wrong? When I tried modifying your file you sent me, I needed to add a box so that I could type some verbiage. I used the boolean subtraction but it somehow got tied into the same tool path as the center logo?? Thank you again for you help[/Users/kennethkennedy/Desktop/Camden County Police Academy.c2d](https:///Users/kennethkennedy/Desktop/Camden County Police Academy.c2d)

Camden County Police Academy.c2d (936 KB)

Are you wanting the inside of the badge to cut all the material away and leave the design and letters raised? Or were you wanting the letters to be carved down into the wood?

I think I am a little confused as to what you are wanting here to happen. I was following your first program and cutting the way you were cutting the project, but just fine tuned some of your design. What I am getting confused on is what you are trying to do with the badge. I downloaded your last file and checked it to see what it was doing and tried to read what you said and not sure what is going on wrong. So, I think I need you to explain to me what you intend the badge to look like and what kind of finish you want to have also with that new rectangle you added?

Liberty and Prosperity.c2d (1.8 MB)

This is the updated version of the badge around the outside of it that I didnt see on the first program you posted. This should be a better help in that aspect at least.