Looking to buy Shapeoko XXL

Looking to buy Shapeoko XXL if anyone is interested in parting with theres.

Nothing like that “Fresh out of the box experience”, and that New Shapeoko smell!

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I bought my XXL brand new about a month ago, pretty easy to build! Be prepare for its size and weight, you are going to need about 4 ft of space for it.

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Did you get it on Black Friday? I havent purchased yet. Im waiting till boxing day to see if they hopefully have a sale. But yer I have designed some hold downs for parts (Just like the Oops Style)(https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3304702) I see people using. I have a 3D printer as well so I have a file for the Suckit Dust remover(https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3290906) I cant wait. Thanks for the info

No i bought it at the beginning of Nov, i probably should have waited for the black friday deal but oh well. The masking tape and super glue trick has worked the best for me as far as hold downs.


Excellent advice. I’ve got a boat load of hold downs I’ve cut over the past few years-aluminum, hardwood, plywood and various plastics. Rarely use any anymore.
Having said that…Depends a lot upon application, sometimes only a vice will do.
Hope you pull the trigger, lots of help here if you need it

Oh its definately going to happen. I just need to keep harping at the wife about it until she is sick of listening to me and says do it. LOL

Oh I cant wait!!!

I have an XL for sale, with Dewalt router, has homing kit as well.

I have a dust boot with vacuum hole, loads of end mills, and a spare Dewalt for parts (the rotation lock is broke).

Morning, Merry Xmas. I was hoping for the XXL but where are you located and what were you hoping to get for it?

I’m in NJ, how about you?

Was hoping for $1200, let me know your thoughts, feel free to email me directly dustinbetterly@gmail.com

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