Looking to replace collet and collet nut

I feel like I’m really tightening down on the stock one I got with my SO4 and I’m starting to bust my knuckles when I do changes. I saw inventables has the er collets, precision collet nut, and a nice wrench. I tried searching around for which set I can buy for my C3d router but my searching skills are lacking at the moment. Can someone point me in the right direction? Can I use the one for the Dewalt as well? Thanks for the assist.

The Carbide Compact Router uses the same collets and nuts as the Makita RT0701.

In addition to our precision collet set:

there are collets available from a 3rd party:


(as well as a 3/8" from Makita: https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/763619-3 )

It should take a 13mm low profile and 22mm stubby wrench:

The DeWalt uses a different style of collet, and the ER-11 collets are different as well.

We have developed a version which takes ER-11 collets which will hopefully be available soon:


This may or may not help you, when I do bit changes I set the upper wrench first then the collet wrench close enough to the upper so that they both fit in one and squeeze. No busted knuckles.


Not sure why one wrench is aluminum and the other steel? I bent the aluminum wrench.

They’re both cheap stamped things (for the ones bundled w/ the Shapeoko/Carbide Compact Router), intended only to tide one over through assembly and initial use until one can purchase a good quality pair. Please do so — it’s a huge quality of life upgrade.

Can you point me in the direction I need to be looking?

See the post above: