Looking to try a Nomad 3 in Vancouver

Hi folks,

I’m brand new around here and am looking to buy a desktop CNC mill and have heard good things about the Nomad 3. I would really like to experience it in person prior to purchase. I’m looking for anyone in the Vancouver (Canada) area that currently owns one who might share their experience with me. In particular, perspectives of users in educational and/or makerspace settings would be of particular value. With luck, I’ll become a permanent member of this community!



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If you can’t find one local I could get on video call and chat about it if you want.
I’m part of a makerspace with a Shapeoko 3, so can talk that side of things as well.

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Appreciated @Radiation. I may take you up on that offer. There are rumours that there is at least 1 Nomad 3 somewhere in town, but failing that, a chat would be very helpful. We are currently looking at the Nomad given that it is enclosed and that is important in our space. But we will be in a new space in a couple of years and maybe looking for something a wee bit bigger at that time.