Looking to upgrade S3 to XL anyone have parts from a XL to XXL upgrade

I need to get a little more length on my cuts and am looking to upgrade my S3 to an XL. I was hoping to save a few $'s and wanted to see if anyone who has XL parts laying around before buying new.


Hi, I currently looking to upgrade my XL to XXL, if I get the parts I’ll contact you about mine.

Unfortunately, the upgrades are no longer available, and the endplates and gantry weren’t replaced in an XL–XXL upgrade, so that wouldn’t make those parts available.

If you only need a small bit of additional X-axis motion there is the HDZ, which is narrower and will increase the X-axis working area. Otherwise, the best option is probably to sell and use the funds towards an SO4 XL.

I have an S3 XXL and I replaced my spoil board frame with aluminum extrusion so I have the original frame for the bed/spoilboard if you’re still interested.