Loose guide wheel

I’ve been with my Shapeoko 4 XXL for a couple of months. Started a new project today, and when I tried to connect the machine to start the process, suddenly, one of the lower guide wheels on the spindle system fell of the machine. Didn’t realize it was loose, until it fell, and not only that, it milled the guide as you can see in the picture. My intention is to warm you regarding this situation and keep an eye on those 4 wheels. Tightened those screws from time to time.

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Yep, there are quite a few places where a drop of blue Loctite is worth it’s weight in gold on a CNC machine.

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Thank you for the reminder.

I am old enough that I still use a paper calendar. I have every other Thursday marked to remind me to go thru and check screws. Have yet (lucky ain’t I) to find anything loose.

Belts re-tuned every two weeks seem to keep it as close to true as I can get.


Both of your comments are very right. The reality is that I am still getting use to the machine, and I didn’t expect that so soon, but definitely will do both. Thanks for the advice.

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