Loose Router on Shapeoko Pro

I was using my Shapeoko Pro and noticed that the router was loose. I stopped the machine, checked the screws and they were tight. Loosen the up, push the router down , as far as it went , and tightened them again. But I don’t trust the router not to move again. Has anyone experienced this problem? Is there any fix from Shapeoko? Or do I just need to install some wedges and tighten the heck out of it? I’m afraid I’m going to break the screws!! Suggestions?

Do you have the grub screw (used for opening up the router if need be) in place?

Post a photo?

Let us know about this at support@carbide3d.com and we will do our best to assist.


Not sure I know what grub screws are. Do you have a picture?

Checkout Page 39 of the instructions for the location. here’s the link to the manual https://docs.carbide3d.com/assembly/shapeoko-pro/xxl/Shapeoko_Pro_assembly_guide_02-05-2021_v1_web.pdf


the holder has a big top and bottom bolt… and a little “middle” one.
THe middle one is the grub screw and it’s job is to PUSH the thing open, not to hold it closed… so it actually needs to be loosened so that the holder can close


Thanks, problem fixed!!!

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I had the same problem when i got my shapeoko Pro XL.
No matter how hard i tighten the set screws i couldn’t get the router tight
Turned out the router mounting plate was not machined correctly
They sent me a new one and that corrected the issue

I backed up the scub screw and tightened again and it seems tight. Time will tell. Thanks!

You should remove the grub screw completely, not just back it out. It could unscrew itself during normal use and become lost - or worse, fall into the path of a moving router and wreak havoc.


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