Loose z plate for original shapeoko 3

I noticed that the eccentric nut on the top right of the router holder came loose and the plate was very wobbly. After tightening it the plate is better but now the entire z compartment is loose. I’ve linked a link to a video. Hopefully that will help explain my situation. Just want to know what needs to be tighten or tensioned. I have tried playing with the wheels but dont see any difference.



Im not seeing a video link.
Try posting a picture, Did you build the machine?

V-wheel tension is set with one pair of V-whels and eccentric nuts.

The Other pair may be loose- or?

It sounds like all 4 of your Z v-wheels need to be checked.

The Other

I did build it. I have the older z-plate. I have tried to adjust the z v-wheels but the bottom left doesnt seem to tighten.

And since I have your attention is it still possible to purchase the new z-plate upgrade?


Yes, the updated Z plate can be purchased here:

A picture of the Z assembly or closer inspection should reveal the source.

this is the plate that is loose.


What happens when you rotate the eccentric nuts so the V-wheels engage the rail?

it moves back and forth. but here are a few more pics for you to check out.

the v-wheel on the right always has contact with the rail the one on the left doesnt always spin. I have rotated the nuts but nothing seems to change. the plate gets looser but not tighter.

Using the 3mm Hex wrench-
tighten the bolts on the other side of the plate.

These screw into the eccentric nuts.
Make sure the Eccentric nuts are seated into the steel plate and are functioning.

wow!! I guess they had to be on there extra extra extra tight!! the wiggling is gone. I cant run another test tonight but will run it tomorrow afternoon. Thank you so much for the help. I will keep you updated.

A few months ago, I noticed my (old style) Z plate was loose. When I took it apart, I discovered that I’d apparently over-tightened it and cracked one of the wheels. So watch out for that too.