Losing connection on 3 xxl

I had downloaded the new version (575) of Carbide motion today. 6 times while cutting out large letters for a client it stopped and said it had lost its connection. Any thoughts?

Usually this is caused by worn carbon brushes, or EMI due to low humidity — the software has progressively gotten better at staying connected w/ longer timeouts is my understanding/experiences.

My machine is only a couple years old. What do I need to do to correct this issue?

Contact support@carbide3d.com

With the cold weather, moving bit, moving air from dust collection it is a formula for static. The new version of CM is not likely the cause of your issues but the low humidity as @WillAdams suggested. There is lots of advise on the forum about grounding your spindle and dust collection.

Here’s one example of such a post

If you’re using dust extraction, I’d move to an antistatic hose and ground it.

If not, I might start by looking at the brushes in the router.


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