Lost and need setup help!


I’m looking for a smart person in the North San Diego County/SOCAL area that can help me get my Shapeoko XL up and running. I got part way through putting everything together, then moved to Okinawa. So it’s been in storage for a bit of awhile, and I’m a bit lost on what’s what now.

I’ve got a Shapeokeo 3 XL, HDZ, Bitsetter, Bitzero, Bitrunner, and Compact Carbide Router. I’ve also got a Huanyang VFD and a 800W Spindle that I’d like to get working.

I’ll gladly reimburse you for your time and your gas to get to and from. I could probably figure it out myself eventually, but I’m a bit lost and frustrated right now. Thanks.

Have you reviewed the documentation?



If you’ll let us know the specifics of your difficulty at support@carbide3d.com we’ll do our best to assist.

Hi Troy,
I’m also in the North SDC area, specifically on the western edge of Valley Center. I can donate a couple of hours to help you out and will send a private mesasage with contact info.


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