LotR Prancing Pony sign

Finally comfortable enough to attempt a large project with my XXL, and decided I needed to make something for my bar. Being a Lord of the Rings fan, I decided that a Prancing Pony sign for the door would be perfect. I downloaded the STL file from Thingiverse, and created the g-code with a trial version of Vectric’s software.
Overall I am happy with it, but I did have a couple issues. My bed was sagging in the center, so I lost some detail in the top right corner. I have since corrected this and re-flattened my bed. My paint job also leaves something to be desired, but it does give the impression that the whole thing is hand made.


Awesome Job!! I did the same thing and did 2 signs, I used Vcarve instead of Carbide Create. i did not have the cuts do it the same way as you did… Great job tho !!


Love the rustic bark on the left and right sides of thr signs. Nice touch.

I like the Green dragon design. Where did you get the file for it?

I made both of the designs by myself. I used Vcarve to make them…
Using a branch from a tree that fell down, i kept the bark on to give it a rustic look but I didnt add age to the look…

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